Gallopica provides overview about all ride-outs. Besides your own, you can also see those of your friends and of your shared horse.
Place your phone in your jacked while riding. The Gallopica App tracks your ride-out and detects your ridden gates.
Create a horse profile and manage your shared horse. By this you can always see the work your shared horse has done.
Besides your own ride-outs, you can see also ride-outs of your friends and of your shared horses.
  • Gallopica is great for showing distance covered, gait/speed and time.
  • Super zur Selbstkontrolle: Wie viel Schritt, Trab und Galopp bin ich geritten?
    Cavallo Magazin Ausgabe 04/17
  • Gallopica is the perfect hacking app.
    Chloe Gardner-Milne